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"Artist Spotlight" is a space for me to share & promote some of my favorite & up and coming artists who need to be heard! I'm currently reviewing for Spotlight next artists.

If you or someone you know deserves the opportunity to be heard please use the Contact form and send me a clip or link and I'll get back to you!

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Ducey Gold


DJ Markiee Freshh

Still Life


Who is Markie Freshh??
Growing up involved in alot of different music created a huge interest for me at a early age. This is what led me to becoming a DJ and performer. Over the past four years I've done countless of events all across the Carolina's. Specializing in Open Format, EDM & Hip-Hop. I currently hold a residency with Club StillLife and their multiple locations along with a residency at Rafters Social Club.

UNIQUE STYLE, ADAPTABILITY AND CONSTANT INNOVATION has made me the thrilling artist I am today.


DJ Markiee Freshh

Mark on set at Still-life


Welcome to my site!
My name is Mark Machizzga also known as "Markiee Freshh" I've been a professional DJ for 5 years now. I'm also a graduate of East Carolina University.

This is where you can find all my work and contact me. I plan to make this site a hub for sharing new artists that deserve more attention. I will also use this site for announcements and future endeavors so stay tuned!